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Injection Hook is applied abundantly in many fields for its beautiful appearance, uniform and tidy arranged hook, no harm to skin and strong adhesive force.

Product Introduction:

Injection hook is made of polyester and nylon by the method of
injection molding. The hook is softer because of ultra-thin material,
and it can support the use of various kinds of soft sticky materials,
particularly the loop. Injection hook is the premium product in the
series of JianLi products; it has transparent and non-transparent
materials. According to hook shape, injection hook can be divided
into four varieties---NO.2 single thin hook, NO.3 double thin hook,
NO.4 thick hook and NO.5 reverse semi-curved hook. The first
difference is that different hook shape will result in different tensile
force and using frequency, second is density vary from hook no2
to hook no 5, about 60 to 100 hooks per square centimeter.


Similar to standard hook loop, Injection hook also is a kind of garment accessory. Injection hook has the same function as standard hook loop; it is most often used to blood pressure monitor. When we have our blood pressure checked, doctor will use a cloth to wrap up our hands, and there is standard hook loop hook and loop sides, and is used for sticking to each other. Injection hook plays the same role as the hook side, and it usually works with magic cloth. Generally, injection hook can take the place of standard hook loop, and even bring better results than it. For instance, instead of standard hook loop which is easily to injure baby’s skin, injection hook is widely used in infants and young children products for it can reduce the harm to the minimum.



This product is widely used in garment, handbag, children product,
medical product, millstone, toys and sports equipment and so on,
its most obvious characteristic is softness and smooth, and it is
able to be printed with pattern or LOGO according to customer
requirements. Injection hook is considered as a kind of newborn
special auxiliary material among the existing auxiliary material
industries. It is an inevitable trend of injection hook that it will
replace standard hook loop in the future。



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