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This product doesn’t yellow via treatment by special processing technology and sulfadiazine treatment as well as is provided with stronger buckling force to be mainly used on the footwear and the middle and high-end products.


Hook&Loop, also called as magic tape, is a kind of auxiliary connecting material which frequently used on the clothes and is divided into male and female sides. There is tiny soft fiber with LOOP on one side and there is harder HOOK with hook on the other side. The magic tape is closely relevant with technology product. Along with times changing, the magic tape should be optimistic by Hi-tech electronic industry, and relevant magic tape products are developed and designed successively as well as put into operation in mass production. The magic belting has been used in such a great batch of Hi-tech electronic products as Dell, SAMSUNG, APPLE and Lenovo, and various products with different kinds of design patterns are visible in the electron life everywhere.



Hook&Loop, commonly used as a connection on the clothing accessories. It points male female two sides, one side the other 
side is a soft fiber is stabbing of elastic fibers with a hook. Male parent phase clasp, under a certain lateral force, under the
condi- tion of elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so repeated opening
and cl- osing of up to ten thousand times.



It is widely used for product supporting in such industries as garment , shoes and hats , bags and suitcases , sofa , curtain ,
toy , tent , glove , sport appliance, medical apparatus and instrument and electronic plastic factory as well as various military

CHINA JIANLI STICKY RIBBON CO.,LTD Was founded in 1993, is the leading enterprises specializing in the production of hook&loop(also know as magic tape). 2004 by the National industrial and Commercial bureau,jianli sticky ribbon co., Ltd.upgraded to a nonregional enterprise.
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